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Meet the 'Popcorn Prints' Girls!

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Hello and welcome! We're the Popcorn Prints piggies. Our names are Peggy, Daisy, Betty & Mabel. We have very busy lives, we have to look cute at all times in order to inspire our mummy to create lovely designs for the Popcorn Prints shop!

name: Peggy

date of birth: February 2009


about me: I've been here the longest so I'm definitely the alpha-pig! I'm very easy going though - as long as I get first choice of my favourite sleeping spot, I'm happy!

likes: eating (the vet says I'm fat), metacam (I've got a bit of arthritis but the drugs I'm on are yummy!), kicking out my back legs and snoooozing!

dislikes: having my hair brushed, getting haircuts (basically anything to do with my hair, just leave it alone!)

special talents: wheeking with no sound coming out (my mum says I look like a set of bagpipes being pumped up!), not moving an inch even with two humans pushing me (I have a good set of brakes), growing my hair faster than the human can cut it!

name: Daisy-May

date of birth: September 2010


about me: I prefer to go by the name 'the ginger ninja'! I can't see very well because I've got cataracts and since getting them I wheek a lot louder! It means if I can't see the humans, they won't be able to miss me!!

likes: making tunnels underneath my fleece and scrunching it all up into balls (this really annoys my mum!), being tickled between my eyes, making a total racket by chewing the bars when I'm hungry!

dislikes: being shooed out from underneath my new fleece creation and having it straightened again!

special talents: skinning tomatoes (see the dribbly chin on my photo!), using the ramp as a slide instead of walking down it sensibly (much more fun!)

name: Betty

date of birth: Sometime in 2011, I think (I have a bit of a shady past!)


about me: I used to live with a big, scary rabbit. I was very poorly and scared when I arrived here but my Mum says I've turned into a proper little diva.

likes: my new sisters, getting chin strokes from my Dad (I've trained him to give them when I flick my head around!), dried peas, stealing food straight out of my sister's mouths (kicking them out of their beds is fun too!)

dislikes: having my nails clipped and being bathed (so scary!), people laughing at my wonky feet (yes, I know I look like charlie chaplin and stamp like a rhinoceros - so what!)

special talents: always being in the way when Mum is trying to clean us out (I just like to help and make sure she's doing it properly!), finding the only piece of exposed correx in the cage and giving it a nice 'scalloped' edge

name: Mabel

date of birth: June 2011


about me: I'm the baby of the group. I get away with being naughty by using my cutsy-baby face but don't underestimate me. If the humans don't feed me quick enough, I'll rip all the fleece off the sides of my cage in a frenzied fleece-attack.

likes: trying to steal Peggy's metacam, head strokes (sometimes I look up, then fall over when I get these - doh!)

dislikes: being bossed about, anyone messing with my hair (it takes ages for me to style so don't mess it up!)

special talents: leaping really high in the air when someone brings food into the room (I only do this occasionally so the humans don't know when its coming - it nearly gives them a heart attack!!)

and not forgetting our 'rainbow bridge' friends...




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